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vauva diaper bag backpack


If you're as tired as us of lugging around a diaper bag that's twice the size of your baby then the vauvapack is for you. We purposely designed our pack smaller to help you stay in control of what you carry around all day, yet large enough to handle the essentials.

vauva diaper bag inside


Life gets complicated enough once babies enter the picture. The last thing us parents need is for our diaper bag to add to the complexity. If you lose your keys, pacifiers, and other items on the daily... then you need a vauvapack to help simplify your life. 

hands free diaper bag


Remember the last time you didn't have a needy toddler pulling at your hip? Neither can we. Let's get real... as a parent you need three hands to manage the daily grind. The last thing you need is your diaper bag falling of your shoulder throughout the day. 

vauva diaper bag
hands free diaper bag
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